QUICK FLASH : Spain seizure of nearly 15 tonnes of hashish in the Mediterranean


Spanish Civil Guard and National Police officers intercepted a fishing
boat carrying up to 15 tonnes of hashish on Friday at 110 nautical miles
from Cape de Palos (Province of Murcia-East). The boat was approached with the help
of a patrol of Spanish Customs, specify the Spanish Civil Guard and police in a joint
statement, adding that this operation was conducted in
collaboration with the Dutch, Portuguese and Italian authorities.

At the time of its boarding, the fishing vessel carrying the drug was
flying no flag, the statement said, noting that the investigation started last November
revealed that the boat had left the port of Stellendam, Holland, to charge drugs in a specific area of ​​the Mediterranean. The first information obtained indicated that the fishing vessel was flying the flag of Malta, which was subsequently denied by the Maltese authorities, who claimed that the boat would not be on their registers.

The operation also resulted in the arrest of the four persons who were on board the boat at the time of the collision, three of Dutch nationality and one Bulgarian. The fishing vessel was taken to the port of Alicante (East) where hashish was discharged with a total weight of around 15 tons.


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