16 very simple hairstyles to enhance your look

"Hair is a beautiful form of self-expression. " ________ Carolyn Aronson

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Image illustrant l'article 16 coiffures très simples pour sublimer votre look


Finding an adapted hairstyle is sometimes complex, with this guide of 16 ideas, you should easily identify the one that will meet your expectations. You will now have other solutions than the classic ponytail and they only require a few minutes.

1. A nice bow at the top of the head

2. Sublimate a braid with a low duvet

3. Tie two braids at the neck

4. A hairstyle worthy of Princess Yasmine

5. A bun to give volume to your hairstyle

6. Make simple knots with your hair

8. Create a “bulging” effect like Kim Kardashian

9. A very easy hairstyle to have the bohemian look

10. A high ponytail turned into a large bun

11. Two small braids to clear the neck

12. A bun down very convenient to work

13. Choose Rihanna’s hairstyle for a glam rock look

14. A bun to be made in seconds and maintained with lacquer

15. 5 seconds to make this bun

16.A very low ponytail



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