Only One Ice Cube is Enough to Soothe All Your Pains

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Image illustrant l'article Un seul glaçon suffit pour apaiser toutes vos douleurs

At first, you will tend to think that this trick is shifted, if not ineffective. Yet this ice cube has real power and it can even change your daily life.

Just drop it at the Feng Fu, it’s a point on your neck. The photo above allows you to locate it easily. Every day, drop an ice cube, you will quickly see the benefits.

How to proceed?

  • Position yourself on the belly and deposit this ice cube at the point mentioned for 20 minutes.
  • To maintain it, use a scarf or a scarf.
  • Annoyance can be observed for 30 seconds, but soon a feeling of heat will diffuse from this point Feng Fu.
  • This ice cube will have the particularity of releasing endorphins.
  • For the results to be optimized, use this tip every 3 or 4 days in the morning, and even in the evening before sleeping.
  • What are the effects?

You will notice an improvement in your sleep and your mood. All headaches, toothaches, colds and pains will be relieved. The digestive system can be repaired.

A very interesting tip for some diseases

Ice cube is effective for thyroid problems, premenstrual syndrome, cardiovascular, respiratory and mental problems.


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      1. Je n’en doute pas. Avec des glaçons sur la nuque je ne risque pas grand chose. Je me demandais simplement s’il y avait des études sérieuses qui corroborent les effets positifs associés aux problèmes cardiovasculaires, respiratoires et avec la santé mentale.


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