Easy corner shelf



For this creation, I will use what I have in my stock of recovery materials …

Which means wood 1.8 cm thick, in the passage in which you can saw with any type of saw … (jigsaw, table or circular).

Each piece is very easy to do since they are all rectangles with the same dimensions, the only additional step here is the curve that I make on half of them to vary the design.

To make this curve, I mark the center of each rectangle, and I use my compass to draw the curve in the angles …

For cutting, I use here my jigsaw but you can also use a band saw for a more precise cutting …

Then sand the edges well.

I decided to add glue and use angle pliers (these pliers are very cheap and are very useful for fixing objects at 90 °).

Do not hesitate to keep your free plan on hand to clearly visualize the assembly steps.

Then I decided once again to do my scotch paintings, so that it fits with the rest of the room.

And here we are, with our corner shelf …


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