Toilet Paper Holder

We sometimes have to make things simple more complex than they are. Last time I ended up chatting with friends of the senses in which to turn the toilet paper … What?

We may be better off … well, short. This conversation still gave me a nice idea to recycle wood chips at home.

So, we start to make a toilet paper holder?

I share here the plan of toilet paper holder in case you want to launch yourself … (it’s free of course!)

And you can also see the explanatory video directly if you prefer.

Etape 1Β : Fabrication du porte-papier toilette

  • First of all, you have to start by measuring the toilet paper to make sure that the paper holder is neither too short nor too big. Then draw your line for cutting.


  • When the pieces are cut, you just have to assemble everything with a nailer,

and if you do not have a nailer you can also use screws to fix them together.


  • Once all that is done, if you have decided to use screws to fix the paper holder to the wall, you will need to drill 2 holes in the middle.


Ahhh simple and clean !!!! Here we are !



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