Wine crates diverted to make a coffee table

Wood is a very valuable material, it allows to quickly change a universe and it is very easy to handle. For decorative accessories and furniture, the tip of the pallets is widely used, but there is a second atypical.

The crates of wine are smaller, easy to handle and they make a beautiful coffee table, ideal for entertaining friends or family.

The list of materials is not important, you only need to gather:

  • Wine crates of the same size
  • A plywood board
  • Four wheels
  • Bolts with their nuts
  • A drill
  • A brush
  • Wood varnish


Attach the crates to each other following the shape shown in the photo below. Do not forget the bolts and nuts to strengthen the structure


Cut out the plywood board based on the dimensions of the previously obtained structure. It will provide a sturdy base to secure the casters in all four corners.


Here is the rendering very appreciable, but it is not finished. It is missing a crucial step!


The varnish must be applied on all surfaces. For the hue, choose the one that will match your decoration.


Your new coffee table is ready to use. You can enjoy a delicious aperitif and / or use it as a workstation while enjoying an extra storage space for magazines, newspapers, remote control, your documents …


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