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Summer 2018: how to choose the best sun protection?

protection solaireSummer 2018: how to choose the best sun protection? sunscreen © Istock If there is one essential beauty not to forget before going on vacation, it is the sunscreen. The choice can be a puzzle as the types of protection, textures, and formulas are numerous on the market. To avoid cluttering a multitude of products, it is better to follow some tips that allow you to find the ideal product for everyone.

The importance of “SPF” or sun protection factor Even before setting your sights on this or that texture, it is essential to choose the sun protection factor, which is materialized by a numerical index associated with the acronym “FPS” in French or “SPF” in English (sun protector factor) .

Two essential criteria are to be taken into account to make the right choice: the conditions of sunshine (time, altitude, latitude, season) and the type of skin, considering that the more the skin and the hair are clear more the index of protection must be high (up to 50+). This factor should not be neglected because it helps to fight against the harmful effects of UV rays, especially those responsible for premature aging of the skin.

The choice of texture More subjective but equally important for a serene holiday, the choice of the texture must also be taken into account. Milk, cream, oil, spray, mist, or stick: the alternatives are numerous.

It is advisable to opt for a texture adapted to its tastes and its needs because this can condition the frequency of the application of the protection. For example, those who do not support sticky textures will tend not to renew solar care of this type, exposing themselves to the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays.

Be careful to choose a texture whose FPS corresponds to your phototype; certain compositions having a maximum SPF of 30. Those who want a light satin effect on the skin can opt for oils, even some milks, while the creams have adopted a device for dry skin or which protect a high protection. The mists, sprays and water, latest-on the market, are designed for quick application without sticky effect.

Makeup and sunscreen If the foundations and sunny powders have a SPF suitable for daily use, they are suitable for exposure at the seaside or at altitude.

It is important not to be content with these elements of beauty and to add sun protection under his daily makeup to preserve the face, particularly exposed to UV rays throughout the day. Brands today offer mixed sun care, body and face.

It is possible to obtain a protection specially formulated for the skin of the face, for a greater comfort. Gels and sticks are part of the textures best suited for this part of the body, while creams are often approved with several virtues (moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-stain, anti-pollution, detox) and easily make-up by day.



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