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Miracle Sunburn Hacks And Tips You Never Knew About

I spend as much time as possible at the beach, so I am no stranger to sunburns. My skin is naturally on the darker side thanks to my Italian heritage, and more often than not I develop a nice golden tan rather than a red burn – but I’m most definitely not immune to it. Sunburns are the worst. Not only are they incredibly unhealthy for your skin and your health, but they also hurt, feel uncomfortable, and just generally make everything terrible. If you’ve ever dealt with bright red skin that gives you what I’ve named Sunburn Fever (you’re cold, but your skin is burning), then you know what I’m talking about.

When most of us think about sunburn relief, we instantly think of aloe vera. Aloe is an excellent way to treat your sunburn and get some pain relief, but it’s not the only thing out there! There are so many other natural ways to make a sunburn feel better or to prevent peeling. This stuff is really important to know about because you should never ignore a sunburn. If you act like it’s not there, the pain won’t go away for a while, and it will result in a dry, peeling mess that you can’t even attempt to cover up.

Here are  sunburn hacks and tips to relieve pain and hopefully prevent peeling and future damage. Wear sunscreen and stay safe in the sun!

Look beyond aloe vera sometimes! You probably have these in your home, and they’ll help relieve pain in a pinch.



If your sunburnt skin is starting to peel, follow these tips:



Teabags are also excellent for sunburns. Steep them for a while, let them cool, then place on skin.



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